Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Booth is FULL of new finds

Booth is restocked with new finds !
More piles here at home as I keep clearing things out !
Stay warm !!


  1. Janet! Those angel lamps are stunning! Do you know if they've sold? How much, if not? Thanks! Cathy :)

  2. Good morning Cathy ! Lamps were still there yesterday afternoon not sure on price I think they are either $39 or $49 each that includes shades !! I took more things in yesterday !!
    I am doing a huge clean out in our home and have many more piles to come !!
    Stay safe & warm !!

  3. Thank you! I hope to pop over this morning to check it out!

  4. Be careful out there! My husband suggested I wait (boo hoo!) to go to Heritage. Hopefully, they'll still be there whenever I can pop over safely. From your photo, they look gorgeous :) (but all you treasures are!)

  5. Hope to make it this afternoon! I sure hope the angels have hung around for me :)

  6. I bought the gorgeous bird lamp! thank you!