Sunday, August 21, 2011

French Velvet Chair, Lace Vintage bedspread,French carved bed

This past week has been one of those rare buying trips where I have found items that make me weak in the knees ! I not only found one item but 3 YIPPEE !!!!!!
First I came across this FAB French blue velvet chair I am sure it came from a grand estate (oh the stories it could tell of the rich & famous that must have sat on its lush velvet seat)!! It makes my heart skip a beat with its beauty !
Then I found this wonderful carved bed in the perfect creamy paint but I think the best of the 3 is a rare find a vintage lace ruffed bedspread ! The lace is so soft and the details are amazing it looks like a wedding dress made for a bed ! It's large ruffed skirt flows with grace & beauty ! I put this at No.1 of my best finds !

Enjoy your Sunday !


  1. Wow! I'm putting the bed at my number 1!! Excellent finds Janet!

    Happy Sunday!



  2. I nominated you for the liebster blog award on my blog!

  3. I would buy both bed and chair myself.Fabulous find!~Cheers Kim